• - se a casa de Aristides de Sousa Mendes fôr reconstruída para um projecto ligado com a sua vida
  • - se houver mais locais para pôr as mãos na massa
  • - se cada um de nós Ler +
  • - se cada um de nós respeitar os passeios como lugar de trânsito dos peões, sobretudo dos que têm menos mobilidade
  • - se for mandado para as urtigas o princí­pio, muito vulgarizado: Tudo pelos amigos, nada pelos inimigos. Aos outros aplica-se a lei. É mais simples e justo se a todos se aplicar a lei.




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sexta-feira, setembro 22, 2006


Um interessante texto "Reflections in the dark" pode ser lido no Poynter on line. O autor tece algumas considerações sobre o filme Lost in translation e mostra como é difícil aos jornalistas, como a todos nós, encontramos a nossa própria direcção.

"These are the nights I can't sleep. The newsroom chaos invades my dreams, pulling me down to the ocean's depths.
Our story in Dallas has become all too common: We must reduce the size of our newsroom. We have received and considered our buyout offers, or, as the corporation calls them, "voluntary severance packages." Whatever they're called, our lives have changed. Our lives will change. We have said goodbye to good people.
We have said goodbye to people we love and admire.
In the dark hours, I watch movies. Sometimes, movies help me make sense of the fractured narrative I'm living. I turn to "Lost in Translation," the 2003 film starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson. The two lead characters, Bob and Charlotte, cross paths in Tokyo. Neither can sleep because of the time difference. Both feel lonely and out of place in the Japanese culture. Both are adrift in their lives. The younger Charlotte struggles for a sense of purpose. The older Bob, a movie star past his prime, has lost his way.

A romantic spark brings the two together. But they part ways knowing only the intimacy of friendship, and a fleeting one at that. Yet somehow their brief connection has changed their lives for the better. The connection has given them a focus, has propelled them out of their inertia.
In the newsroom chaos, we can lose our way. We can lose our sense of purpose.

"It's like a free fall," one of my colleagues says. "It's as if there are no rules." The uncertainty, laced with anger and anxiety, disorients us. Fear can make us leave, and fear can make us stay.
How can we find our focus? How can we come to understand who we are, and what is important to us?"

Vale a pena ler o resto....